Writing After Trauma: Self Care

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This workshop offers practical tools and techniques to support you to write about challenging material safely, and to develop a sustainable writing practice.

It features several brief reflective exercises which together form the start of a writing plan which you can return to and build on as you need it.

Recommended time to complete the workshop, including the exercises is around 90 minutes.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a safe space to write
  • Writing rituals and containers
  • Assessing distress levels
  • Grounding techniques and where to find support

What people say

  • "Clearly you're a skilled and experienced teacher. Your positivity and appreciation of all comments and contributions was fantastic, important and surprisingly rare."
  • "I really appreciate how you made the workshop a safe space with trigger warnings, not forcing people to share or speak."
  • "This was phenomenal and I will definitely be recommending it to colleagues!"

About me

My short stories and poems have appeared in Strange Horizons, Translunar Travelers Lounge, Crow & Cross Keys, Hippocampus Magazine and more.

I've been delivering successful in-person and online classes, talks, and workshops for individuals, charities, community groups, and schools for over a decade.

Before that, I studied MSc Gender, Sexuality, Politics & Culture at Birkbeck College, University of London, and BA English Literature at King's College, University of Cambridge.

I'm a certified Write Your Self trauma-sensitive writing guide, a board member of Lapidus International, and I have a Level 4 Certificate in Counselling Skills from Warwick University Centre for Lifelong Learning.  

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Writing After Trauma: Self Care

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